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Our Product

Busduct Accessories

  • Copper Laminated Flexible
  • Copper Braided Flexible
  • Aluminum Foil Type Flexible
  • Rubber Bellows for DG side
  • Adaptor Boxes for Transformer side & Panel Side
  • BBT Supporting Arrangement for Indoor & Outdoor
  • Earth strip Arrangement for BBT
  • BBT End terminations

Our Range of Panels

  • HT & LT Panels Boards
  • Sub Switch Boards
  • Distribution Boards
  • Automation Power Factor Control Panel
  • Motor Control Centres
  • Change Over Panels
  • AMF Panels
  • Special Machinery panels
  • Power Control Centres
  • Metering Panels

One-on-One Comparison

Factors Traditional Cable Modern Busbar Trunking Technical Comparison
Energy Efficiency Low High Voltage drop
Safety Features Less More SC withstand capacity (25kA to 100+kA), Protection against fire, Combustive energy (80%less than cable)
Service Life Low High Average service life is >20 years
Flexibility to Requirements No Yes Load can be added and adjusted on the existing system
Installation Cost High Low Shorter installation time, less support and space required (30% saving)
Aesthetic Poor Good Compact in size and well finished surface
Space Required Large Small Single run for multiple circuits
Mechanical Strength Low High Metal Enclosure
Investment on Material Low High Payback period of avg. 4 years

Busbar Trunking System

Specification Option BBT System
Type Air-Insulated or Sandwich Sandwich
Voltage Level 415V, 690V or 1000V Max. Up-to 1000V
Ampere Rating 400A to 6300A 400A to 6300A
Conductor Aluminium & Copper Aluminium & Copper
Phase Combination 3P with 50%N or 100%N or 200%N with/without internal Earth All
Ingress Protection IP-42, IP-54, IP-55, IP-65, IP-66, IP-67 and IP-68 IP-54, IP-55, IP-67 and IP-68
Insulation Air or Polymer or Epoxy Epoxy Compound
Enclosure GI or Aluminium GI and Aluminium
Short Circuit Withstand Capacity 25kA to 100kA 25kA to 100kA
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 2.5kV for 1 min. 3.5kV for 1 min.